Friday, April 13, 2012

War on women?

I assume you have heard about the Hillary Rosen comments about Ann Romney. I loved this response that Ann Romney gave the morning after.

I didn't take her comments personally as I think her intent wasn't to criticize stay at home moms, her intent was to criticize Ann Romney as being out of touch with Americans. I think Ann Romney was very articulate and handled this with dignity and grace. I think she is Mitt's secret weapon and would make a classy first lady.

Here's my opinion. Ann Romney didn't struggle financially like the majority of Americans. That is not to say she hasn't struggled. She has battled breast cancer and she has MS which is a chronic, serious illness. To say Ann Romney hasn't struggled simply because she is wealthy is ludicrous. Wealth doesn't equal a perfect life.

Ann raised 5 boys who are now good men, and contributing to society. I am raising 4 boys and I think she deserves a medal. Raising children is hard work and kudos to her for staying home. To those critics who say, "But I am sure she had help in the form of nannies, housekeepers etc...." I am sure she probably did and man oh man she deserved it! I think every Mom deserves help, maybe the Democrats should legislate for nanny's and housekeepers for Moms...just kidding!

Here is my rant and then I will climb down off the soapbox. So many are critical of Mitt Romney's wealth. That he can't relate to "regular" Americans because he is rich. The Romney's haven't worried about money, but I am fairly sure they have had their hard times in other ways. Raising 5 children is not an easy task no matter how much help you have. And honestly it really irritates me when President Obama criticizes Mitt for his wealth because it isn't as if the Obama's are in the poorhouse. They cashed in million dollar treasury bonds (that's plural by the way) last year. So it's the pot calling the kettle black (no I am not using a racial slur for all you who are PC freaks).

So PLEASE let's stop focusing on the Romney's wealth and start focusing on the issues of the day. Like inflation and my gas tank that is super expensive to fill up. Like my Costco trip that cost me $400 yesterday and a year ago it would have cost me $250. Like my home that is so upside down I can't even foresee how we will ever be able to get out of it and into a bigger home (we are so bursting at the seams it isn't funny!). Let's focus on issues like that instead of Ann Romney staying home with her children and tell me what you are going to do about them so that I can continue to stay home with my children!


Stephen and Kjerstin said...

Love everything about thoughts exactly. You are an amazing woman and mother.

Wendi said...

Great post, Cheryl. :)

SUZY said...

I loved it Cheryl. I could sign my name to it because I agree with everything you said. Every time I hear about how wealthy Mitt Romney is and how because of that we can't have him as our president because he can't relate I think, "Who better to help our country as a whole and we as individuals to better our financial position than someone who has been able to do it for himself".