Sunday, March 24, 2013

Easter Week

Here are some wonderful, very SIMPLE ideas (I am a minimalist) to celebrate the true meaning of Easter.  It starts with today and there is a short activity (5-10 minutes) every day.  Scriptures to read and even videos to watch to teach kids about what the true meaning of Easter is all about.

Easter is one of my favorite holidays.  It is not nearly as commercialized and I don't feel the pressures that come with Christmas.  But it is the holiday of HOPE and our Father's love for us.  I am so grateful for the chance to celebrate the love our Savior has for us as he was willing to suffer for our sins and die for us.  Most of all I am grateful that we can celebrate his glorious resurrection and that all will live again because of Him.

What a promise and miracle!  This is a wonderful video about Him.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Orange Rhino

So I saw this challenge yesterday and I'm intrigued.  I really really want to stop yelling at my children (it's not like it happens all the time, but more than I like and feel comfortable with).

So anyone want to join me?  I think I will start with a month and see how that goes since she encourages you to set a timeline you are comfortable with.  I'm not sure I can commit to the full 365 days yet.

It would be easier with friends to do it with me...let's try it!

Oh and I was published today on Power of always is exciting to me :)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Random thoughts

An experience with my oldest child today made me want to blog today.  I would love to share with you the details of the experience, in fact I was forming the blog post in my head as I was driving home with him.  But as I was fixing dinner it came to me that I wouldn't want my mistakes and learning experiences blasted all over cyberspace.  I need to show him the respect that I expect him to show me.  I certainly hope he doesn't blast all over the "net" when I lose it with him and am not on my best behavior.

So sufficeth it to say that it will be one of those life lessons that he (and I) will remember for a very long time. I didn't get angry, I fortunately kept it together because he was already beating himself up pretty good about it.


Change.  They say the one constant in life is change.  It stresses me out, a.lot.  We have some changes coming in our our lives.  One being selling our home and moving, others I am not at liberty to say just yet.  But the winds of change are a blowing and I get anxiety thinking about it.  Honestly I've felt those winds a blowing for several months now and knew something was coming, just wasn't sure what.  Not even sure we know exactly what is in our path, but it's different than we've been before.

So I'm trying to anchor myself with the things I know will keep me sure and steady in the midst of it. LOTS of reading good books...scriptures, inspirational, uplifting, fun books.  LOTS of prayer, always in my heart, lots of time on my knees too.  Serving others helps me stay anchored too, so attempting to do that regularly as well.


Doesn't this picture just make you smile?  This nearly 3 year old (next month...gulp) has started to really use his imagination.  He is so much fun and so smiley and happy the majority of the time.  This shirt has a silver cape attached to the back of his shirt with velcro.  He has another one with a red cape with the words BAM, ZAP, BOOM on it.  He wants to wear them 24/7 (thus why he has 2 of them).  I love it, he wears this mask most of the time he has the shirt on.  He cracks me up!


And don't forget to register for THIS!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spread the word

Do you ever have something that means a lot to you that you want to share with people really badly?  You want everyone to experience something that has been very meaningful and powerful in your life?

Last April I attended a Motherhood retreat that literally changed me.  It has made such a huge difference in my life.  I really want to share this experience with people that I care about.  This April there is an opportunity to experience this same thing.  I want to share with with the other Moms I love and am friends with.  Not too many people are acting too enthusiastically about it this year and I want to put this out there that this can literally change not only who you are as a Mom and wife,  but also as a person. It will help you learn that Mommy is a person and how to better care for yourself so you can care for your family better.

Plus it was really FUN!  Great food, amazing women to interact with and great conversation!  I had so many "aha" moments about my kids and about ME that I am still using to this day.

I know that for some the cost is prohibitive, I know that a weekend seems a lot to give up.  Consider it part girls weekend and part professional development :)

Please let me know if you are interested and I will get you more information