Monday, September 30, 2013

Sunshine in the darkest days.

Today my Mother heart hurts.  This past weekend we buried this little angel (his obituary is here).  He is my sweet nephew Jaylen, he would have been 2 last Wednesday.  He is a ray of sunshine and his smile lights up a room.  He drown in a tragic accident in a family pool.  

I have not been able to think straight since the day we found out.  We  will miss him, we will miss his smile, we will miss his friendship developing with my youngest son Drew, we will miss his cute personality.  We didn't know him very well, he lived in Texas, we live in Nevada, we only met him 2-3 times.

My heart mostly hurts for his Mommy (and his Daddy, but I think because I'm a Mom, I relate more to her).  I cannot imagine the pain.  My heart is broken, I cannot imagine hers.  She is amazing and strong and has faith in God.  But still she is missing her baby and she knows the grief will be nearly unbearable. My Mother heart aches for her.

Today I've had a hard day focusing on tasks at home, I cannot get Jane out off my mind. I wish I could take it from her, I wish I could take on some of the burden for her and carry it with her.  In some ways I can help, I can pray for her to be strong and for angels to be around her.  I can let her know we love her and keep in touch with her.  We can let her know that we will never forget that sweet baby boy and he will affect us for the good.

Jane has started a blog sharing her feelings about Jaylen, grief and loss.  You can read it here.  Just remember that everyone has something hard in their life.  Treat them with kindness, assume the best and pray for those who need it.

Last week would have been his 2nd birthday.  We made it a day of "Spreading Sunshine for Jaylen".  We encouraged others to spread kindness and sunshine for him.  It was amazing to see how it spread and how this one little boy affected others.  Literally this movement spread across the country.  From New York to California and many states in between.  Sunshine amidst the darkness.  

We know where the real light comes from. We know that the true source of sunshine and light comes from our Savior Jesus Christ. Without Him we truly would be in darkness.

Spread sunshine in your own family. Take more pictures with your kids, look them in the eye and tell them you love them.  Tuck them in at night, sit on the floor and play, have dance parties, play at the park with them. Laugh more, scold less.  Raise the praise, minimize the criticize.  Don't take for granted that they are yours and appreciate  Even the ones that are hard, even those that you are exhausted and your kids are being stinkers...appreciate them because Jaylen's Mom would give anything to have a hard day with him.  

Friday, September 13, 2013

Winner Winner....

Big drumroll....haha

And the winner for the book "Deliberate Motherhood"  goes to Jenn Douglas!  It was a very scientific method....Nathan chose a number between 1 and 7 because I had 7 entries :)

Congrats Jenn...I'll get it to you soon!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Out of the best books

This gem showed up on my doorstep today. It is the second edition of the Power of Moms book "Deliberate Motherhood." It is a beautiful book filled with amazing wisdom and great nuggets of inspiration!

Below are several bits of inspiration I have loved as I have read this book over several months (I have had the first edition for a while).
My first edition is marked and underlined and dog eared. I keep it in my inspiration basket with my scriptures and refer to it often. 

The women who contribute to this book are amazing, real and in the trenches like the rest of us. This chapter below is probably my favorite by one of my favorite bloggers, Sarah at Clover Lane. I have internalized this concept and made this a part of my daily life. Having a deeper yes to what really matters and having the courage to say NO when it doesn't benefit my family, even if everyone else is doing it and even if it's not popular to bow out.

I plan to print this quote out and hang it somewhere visible so I remember to really be present not just exist in my kids lives on a daily basis.

This is another I need to print and hang up so I focus on the positive. It makes such a HUGE difference in my kids behavior when I focus on the positive behaviors and don't give attention to the negatives.

This is a book worth purchasing, I believe it's one every Mother should treat herself to so she can refer to it regularly. When I having a rough Mommy day I will often pick up this book to help me gain some perspective because often that's all I need to change my own behavior and attitude around.

If you purchase in September, you can email your receipt to Power of Moms at and receive a free podcast with your purchase. You will also be entered to win a Premium package worth over $200. GO NOW, treat yourself and order! It will be so worth it! You can order from the publisher at or from any of the big names like amazon, Barnes and noble etc.

I have a copy to give away as well.  If you will leave a comment here on the blog and share a favorite humorous story about you or your kids or something you've learned as a Mom you will be entered in the drawing....I will announce the winner on Friday morning.