Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Out of the best books

This gem showed up on my doorstep today. It is the second edition of the Power of Moms book "Deliberate Motherhood." It is a beautiful book filled with amazing wisdom and great nuggets of inspiration!

Below are several bits of inspiration I have loved as I have read this book over several months (I have had the first edition for a while).
My first edition is marked and underlined and dog eared. I keep it in my inspiration basket with my scriptures and refer to it often. 

The women who contribute to this book are amazing, real and in the trenches like the rest of us. This chapter below is probably my favorite by one of my favorite bloggers, Sarah at Clover Lane. I have internalized this concept and made this a part of my daily life. Having a deeper yes to what really matters and having the courage to say NO when it doesn't benefit my family, even if everyone else is doing it and even if it's not popular to bow out.

I plan to print this quote out and hang it somewhere visible so I remember to really be present not just exist in my kids lives on a daily basis.

This is another I need to print and hang up so I focus on the positive. It makes such a HUGE difference in my kids behavior when I focus on the positive behaviors and don't give attention to the negatives.

This is a book worth purchasing, I believe it's one every Mother should treat herself to so she can refer to it regularly. When I having a rough Mommy day I will often pick up this book to help me gain some perspective because often that's all I need to change my own behavior and attitude around.

If you purchase in September, you can email your receipt to Power of Moms at dm@powerofmoms.com and receive a free podcast with your purchase. You will also be entered to win a Premium package worth over $200. GO NOW, treat yourself and order! It will be so worth it! You can order from the publisher at familius.com or from any of the big names like amazon, Barnes and noble etc.

I have a copy to give away as well.  If you will leave a comment here on the blog and share a favorite humorous story about you or your kids or something you've learned as a Mom you will be entered in the drawing....I will announce the winner on Friday morning.  


Amy Jean said...

howboutafterahuge tantrumlast night, myfive year old tells me, I wasn't supposed to get out of my room, but I found a way out. he totally fooled me intoletting him out by acting like he got hurt.

Tiffany said...

I'm not entering to win, but I will say, you are one of my favorite mother's I've met through my Power of Moms journey. xx

TheOriginalBennifer said...

I wish I could remember a particularly funny moment in motherhood here, but I can't. Mostly, I think the funniest is just how literal children are, and how they take things so out of context sometimes and you just have to have a good snicker. Oh wait! Now I remember. A few weeks ago (Cheryl you'll recognize this story) Ben was eating a rice cake. T wanted one. Ben told him he didn't want one because they tasted like styrofoam. T then pleaded "I want styrofoam... I want styrofoam PWEEEEASSSEEEE...." Ben and I were cracking up. I think I take motherhood too seriously a lot, and could probably benefit from a book like that. I like how she says it's hard. It's like I know in my head that it's hard, but I think I secretly hope and wish that it will get easier, and it doesn't really. The phases just change, and I have to adapt. It's hard when you start out motherhood knowing what NOT to do, but have nothing in place TO do. It's been a learning process for sure, and one with a huge learning curve.

Anonymous said...

I have many humorous stories with a family of five boys but, the one that always brings a smile to my face is when my Jeff at the age of 3 asked me "mom do you know why the sun goes behind the clouds" I was expected a big educational answer because he likes abstract facts but, the response I got when I said, "no why does the sun go behind the clouds was so cute and still brings a chuckle. He said, " to pee, because it needs privacy.
I agree with enjoying every moment with them even the difficult ones because they'll be gone way to soon.

Joy Woodin

Heather W said...

Welllllll honestly the first thing that comes to my mind is the countless pictures of the huge messes the Ks made as toddlers. The times where all I could do was laugh. Like when Kyle dumped a box of Bisquick EVERYWHERE while I was doing a load of laundry. I found him covered head to toe in it and eating it, with the biggest grin on his face. I figured if he liked to eat that sort of thing plain then fine. Or the time when I told them to wash off from some mess they made and found them, fully clothed, rolling around in the tub together and pouring soap on themselves.

The Bevans said...

One Sunday, we were at church and during the sacrament we start hearing some chuckles around us. Our 1 1/2 year old boy is in the aisle with his pants AND diaper around his ankles doing a somersault! Full moon to half of the congregation! Humble pie and big laughs for the parents! :)

Sarah said...

A few weeks ago Megan and Jackson were discussing how annoying it would be to share a room with Sadie. They were going back an forth trying to best each other when Sadie stood up, put her hands on her hips and said, "Excuse me! I am standing right here!" It may not seem incredibly funny in typed form but we all can't stop laughing about it.