Tuesday, June 4, 2013

It's a cruel, cruel summer....

My kids get out of school tomorrow (can I hear a HALLELUJAH for no more driving 30 minutes one way to school!  Next year we will live across the street from the school) and I know a lot of other kids are already out of school.  So what are your plans this summer??  There are some great ideas out there on the "net" so I thought I would put a post together to have a bunch all in one place.

This post on Power of Moms, has a TON of links and ideas
Possibly my favorite idea for this summer 7 Steps to beat summertime whining
Recipes for sidewalk chalk, paint, bubbles etc
The "Mom I'm bored jar"
Ideas for a summer schedule 
Another idea for a summer schedule
A great blog about creating adventures for your kids (LOTS of fun boy ideas)
Shawni of 71 toes  (one of my favorite blogs)has a whole blog post with a lot of great ideas

There's some things to get you started.  There are a TON of ideas on Pinterest.  We had a talk tonight with our kids for their input on our expectations/rules/limits on screens/jobs etc...for this summer.  I think if they have input they will buy into it more easily.  We are writing up summer contracts with expectations all spelled out beforehand so the contract gets to be the bad guy, not us.  They are each setting goals in 3 areas, physical, mental and spiritual.  They will all read every day and maybe occasionally do worksheets etc. (I don't do a lot of structured academic time during the summer as I don't want to battle it...not to say we don't learn anything, but it's much more hands on).

This summer I'm teaching my older boys how to do their laundry and iron.  My 3 oldest boys will all help plan and cook a dinner once a week as well.  It's called Life Prep 101 around here :)

Oh yeah...plus we are moving.  So that will throw a wrench into my well laid plans, but at least we are trying and at least they won't be staring at a screen 24/7 and really turn their minds to mush.

What are your best summer ideas?  Any great websites I have missed??  Please share!


Kathleen said...

Ooh, I can't wait to look at those links. Summer seemed to creep up on me this year and we don't have much of a plan. I love your "Life Prep 101"...it's so important. Good luck with your move. Exciting, yet exhausting. Have a great day, Cheryl.

Catherine Yates said...

I'm with you, I sit down with my girls every summer and we discuss what they should contribute to the family during the summer and how they can be "rewarded" for that. But mainly, I want my girls to play this summer. In the pool, at the park, upstairs in their rooms. Wherever, as long as it isn't planting themselves in front of the tv the whole summer.