Friday, May 8, 2015

Mother's Day is for martyrs?

I am a champion of Motherhood. I am passionate about uplifting and strengthening Moms so they can strengthen their families.  So don't take this the wrong way because I believe Mothers are amazing people who should be celebrated and applauded. However there is a trend I have noticed surrounding Mother's Day. Sometimes I get the feeling that we become martyrs and become a bit selfish around this holiday.  

I have seen blog posts and Facebook posts saying things like, "I had better be pampered and spoiled this Mother's Day or else..." It's a sense of entitlement that really rubs me the wrong way. Hopefully those we love really show us their appreciation and love on this day, but let's be grateful for the gestures they do and not begrudge anyone if it isn't the "perfect day" due to our unrealistic expectations. The day I put my expectations away of what Mother's Day should br is the day I became much more grateful for what it actually is. Communication about some nice things our loved ones can do for us is key, our husband and children aren't mind readers. 

I  saw this graphic this week on Facebook 
I though it was ironic that on the very day we celebrate Motherhood and the blessing it is, that many women want the day off of parenting?  That makes no sense to me. I love a day off from the mundane tasks such as laundry and cleaning and I am for sure going to enjoy sleeping in Sunday morning believe you me! But I am going to completely enjoy being surrounded by the 5 munchkins who gave me the title I am most grateful for in this life, that of Mom, Mama, Mommy.  I am going to soak it all in, I adore the handmade cards and presents, the extra hugs and snuggles. I have big people as children now and even they make me cards and give me extra hugs on this day. 

Maybe instead of focusing on ourselves we need to focus outward and focus on our gratitude for our own Moms and other women we admire, let's make their lives better this Sunday!  Check out this video, how will you make someone's life better this weekend?

I am far from a perfect Mom, I have so far to come. However I absolutey love this life of mine and the little (and not so little people) who have stolen my heart and have made me a better person by being their Mommy. I cannot imagine being upset over not getting the perfect gift or meal or a perfectly clean house.  I am grateful every day for these incredible souls I am allowed to raise and I cannot imagine my life without this opportunity as hard and exhausting as it can be.  Life is beautiful and Motherhood is a privilege and a refining process that turns us into new creatures. I'm so grateful for it!

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Kathleen said...

You are so right. This is a good reminder. Do you read Stephanie's blog at Barefoot in the kitchen? She has beautiful sentiments about Mother's Day as well.
I hope many moms see your post and get enlightened :)
Happy Mother's Day.