Monday, April 11, 2011

Remembering a year ago....

Fresh in my mind...trying to be on bedrest with four children.

Feeling guilt that I couldn't get down and play with my kids, couldn't go to the school for an awards assembly, couldn't walk upstairs to tuck them into bed.

Feeling guilt that so much was put upon my husband, he worked all day and then came home and had to clean up all the messes that come when Mom isn't available.

So very grateful for a kind, loving husband who bore the burden amazingly well.

Taking my blood pressure obsessively and thinking that darn thing must be broken because certainly my blood pressure wasn't 168/99. It wasn't broken.

Looking up on Web MD to find out more pre-eclampsia and having it scare the living daylights out of me. Women is unpredictable and scary.

Feeling so grateful for a conscientious, caring doctor who made decisions that were in my best interest, even though I didn't like them sometimes

Friends showing up at my doorstep to clean my seriously neglected bathrooms. I was so embarrassed....but so grateful I shed tears.

More friends came and got my laundry and washed/dried, folded and brought it back and put it away. Again so grateful I cried.

And yet more came and brought dinners, watched my children and came and visited me so I didn't feel so isolated and lonely.

It made me understand the Atonement better. I could not do it for myself, but another who could stepped in and did it for me out of selflesness and pure love.

And again today I am so very grateful and shedding tears as I Remember.


The Hatch Family said...


The Bechtol Family said...

you just made me cry!! LOVE YOU CHERYL....and all your sweet members of your family :)

Laura@livingabigstory said...

When I was on bedrest w/my youngest -- the thing that amazed me the most is my friend who came over on her own to clean my bathrooms. I was overwhelmed by her sweetness ... and I love your comparison to these experiences to the Atonement. Beautiful thoughts before Easter.