Friday, April 15, 2011


Tonight my husband took my 3 older boys (ages 12 in 3 weeks,10 and nearly 6) to a scout campout. So it was just me and my little ones (ages 3 and 1 next week) tonight.

My 3 year old LOVES to play with play-doh. She will play with it for HOURS. But the stuff we have is pretty dried out and yucky. So I told her if she did #2 in the potty (having some issues kids have troubles...ugh) I would buy her some pink and purple play-doh. Today she came running out jumping up and down and clapping..."Me did poop on potty!" She proceeded to come grab my hand and lead me there to see her accomplishment (I may or may not have jumped up and down and clapped as well!)

After we got the older boys and Daddy off, we made our way to Target to buy the purple and pink play-doh. On the way we were talking about it and I asked if I could play with it. She said in her cutest and most enthusiastic 3 year old voice, "YES! You-Me are Buddies!" Completely melted my heart it was so darn cute.

So we proceeded to play play-doh for quite a while. Fortunately little brother was content in his high chair for a bit to allow this. When he got restless, I got him out and played on the floor with him and oh man is he ever cute! He wriggled away from me several times when trying to change his diaper and get pajamas on (is there anything cuter than a baby tush?). He has now learned that when I say, "I'm gonna get you!" that it's a game and he will crawl away from me. Most of the time he stops and looks back because he wants me to get him because then the fun begins. The tickling, the raspberries on the tummy and the silly songs.

It was such a fun night with my two little ones. I am so grateful for these moments to create memories not just for them, but for me (okay maybe MORE for me!). Fills my "mommy bucket" so on hard days there is more to draw from when my bucket gets drained a bit.

I love my job and the "bonuses" that come with it! I am grateful to be "buddies" with my sweet girl....I must be doing just enough right as a Mommy for her to consider me so :)


Stephen and Kjerstin said...

Precious! Who wouldn't want to play PlayDoh with you?! =)

Wendi said...

I love those special parenting moments too. :)

Rachael said...

How cute!!! Hopefully she will always feel that way about you!!!

April Perry said...

So nice to "meet" you, Cheryl! Thanks for reaching out to us at The Power of Moms. It would be great to see you in person sometime. You have a beautiful blog.