Monday, October 10, 2011

I believe in Christ....update

I can't stay silent any longer. All this talk about Mitt Romney and Mormonism and not being Christian and being a cult etc..... has had me thinking and pondering for days. Here are my thoughts.

I am a Mormon and I believe in Jesus Christ! I believe that it is only through Him that I can be saved. I know that he loves me and because of that pure love, he suffered for my sins in Gethsemane and died for me on the cross at Calvary. Through Him all will be resurrected and live again.

Are there theological differences in what we believe and other religions believe about Jesus Christ? Absolutely. But the fact of the matter is we believe in His ability to save us from our sins and from death and we should be able to unite with other Christians to show our Savior's love and make this world a better place

In Webster's dictionary the definition of a Christian is one who believes in Christ, I also believe it should include one who treats others like Christ, which many so called "Christians" are lacking.

I served a mission and one of my areas was in Maryland which had a very large Evangelical Christian population. I had many interactions with them and they are good people with good values. We have so much in common as far as family values and living good, moral lives. But they have been taught by their leaders how to proselytize Mormons to "save us". Most did not want to build on common beliefs but to debate and destroy my belief. We had a set of evangelical missionaries follow us for about 2 weeks trying to 1st...destroy our beliefs and find anyone we were teaching and destroy any teaching we may have done. They would often be at our apartment when we would retire for the night trying to engage us in a debate. It was actually a bit scary as they were a couple of "20 something" men and if felt as if they were "stalking" us. We eventually had to move apartments and cities to get away from them.

The only way we are going to change this country for the better is to be unified in our love of the Savior. Working together will get us much further than bickering about doctrinal differences. It is all about mutual respect and love for our fellow man that will change the world. I honestly don't know who is the best candidate for President yet, but I know I won't be discounting any of them based on their religious beliefs.

(P.S. I realize not all evangelical members behave in the way the 2 missionaries did I had the run ins with on my mission...most are good, moral people and I am not judging them as a whole based on that experience....just sharing my experience)

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