Tuesday, November 29, 2011

from the mouths of babes.....

Here is my facebook status yesterday:

"If my ornery, teething toddler will let me put him down I might get something done today! Any grand ideas to do with the letter "K" for preschool?"

It's true, he has been super ornery, clingy, not sleeping well etc (very unusual for him). It has been hard to get anything done or pay attention to any of my other children which creates other issues of them doing very naughty things to get attention. It's been a rough few days. Fortunately I think we figured out the problem. It's not teething, he has been drinking regular milk and it does not do good things for his tummy. He is doing better today as he is off milk again.

I have been thinking a lot about this status since yesterday and wondering if my toddler were to vocalize a "status" update about his day it might have gone something like this:

"If my ornery, impatient Mom would just hold me and read me stories I might feel better. My tummy is hurting and I don't know why....why won't she just love me instead of trying to get things done?"

It has helped me today look at things from his perspective and try and be a better Mommy and meet his needs instead of trying to complete my checklist (in my defense lunches do need to be packed, dishes done and dinner made).

I think so many times we try and make the child fit our schedule instead of following their lead....Sarah from the Clover Lane blog wrote this post and I love love loved it. She is so insightful! I especially loved this part:

"When they place that baby in your arms, let the world rearrange itself. Let YOUR world rearrange itself.

This is scary! What you thought was so important might plummet to the bottom of the list. Let it happen, and don’t fear change. You will become someone new — the birth of your baby is also a rebirth for you. Be open to that. Often I hear the lament about motherhood “I feel like I lost myself.” Yes, you will become someone new and different, a new better version of your old self if you are willing to change. You will become selfless and generous. You will become confident and secure. You will become tender and patient. I will bet that some of things you will lose won’t even compare with the worth of these qualities that you will gain if you let yourself."

So here's to my world rearranging today around my cute boy....oh and those 6 preschoolers coming to my house today to learn about the letter "K"! Life is never dull around here and that's just how I like it! :)


The Hatch Family said...

Oh, Cheryl, this was so great to read. Thanks for your sweet blog:)

Rachael said...

It made me laugh to think of what our kids statuses would be on FB!