Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Rattling around....

(a little something to make you chuckle)

A few thoughts in my head right now....

You can be a good Mom/parent and enforce rules/boundaries with much love and without harshness and yelling. In fact it is wayyyy more effective and preserves a healthy relationship with the child.

A nap is a little slice of heaven

It costs some $$ to host Thanksgiving dinner but how grateful I am that we are able to...so blessed!

We made a Thanksgiving chain last night in family home evening and it is WAYYY long. I love it, we all tried to come up with 20 things and most of us exceeded that. We encouraged the kids to come up with things they wouldn't normally write on the list.... Some of the things on the list are; indoor plumbing, clouds, the earth's layers, pajamas, ice cream, Dads homemade milkshakes, eyes, doctors, dessert, bugs, boogers, bums (wow is it obvious we live in a household of males who thrive on potty talk?)....

Really missing friends who moved away. I love blogs, facebook, email, phone calls etc but nothing is the same as having them close by. A friend sent me pictures last week of our two little girls playing together (best little friends) and it made me cry.

The unknown is a bit scary...I need to remember this and just dive in and find out the information I need (I know this is vague but that's how I'm rolling right now)

I am so grateful for so many things in my life. I have a goal from now until Christmas to list 10 things in my journal daily for the blessings in my life...care to join me?

What is on your mind?

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Sarah said...

I have been feeling so much gratitude this last month, and have been so thankful for it.

On my mind right now? Christmas!!!