Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Just laugh Mom...

Last night I was tired...sooo tired. My husband is gone most Tuesday nights teaching an Institute class for the young single adults so I was flying solo. Not only was I tired, but a bit grumpy as well. I wanted kids in bed so I could relax and fall asleep.

I sent them up to brush teeth and climb in bed. From all the noise upstairs I could tell it wasn't happening. I started to march upstairs to be drill sargeant Mom. This face greeted me. He told me he had put on 13 shirts and 5 pair of shorts and said, "Look how buff I look!" I started to scold a bit, but then I looked at him and I started to smile and was trying to hold back the laughter. He noticed it being the extremely observant child he is and said, "Come on Mom just laugh!" So I did. It was a fun moment and lightened my mood.

I was able to go upstairs and be a happy Mom putting my kids to bed. Thank you son for being my comedic relief (he often is!)


Sarah said...

He does look totally buff! He provided a good reminder to all of us moms.

Kath said...

I know I commented on this before. I mean I really, really know I did. I LOVE this. What a cute kid:)