Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday musings

The Power of Moms retreat for Las Vegas is on April 12-13th and registration is now open!  There are only about 60 spots available and I think it will fill up quickly!  I promise it will be well worth your time and money spent!  I went last year (see this post) and it was so uplifting and empowering!  It was wonderful to spend time with so many other deliberate Mothers and get ideas and support.  We laughed and cried, it was one of my favorite Saturdays I have ever spent.

If you want to register HERE is the link.

In other news…I have gone a week without Facebook.  I did pop on last night to put the link up for registration for the retreat but that is the first time I have gotten on.  Did you know that when you deactivate your account all it is is basically logging off.  You can log right back on and and you have all of your old stuff right back up.  So I spent some time last night looking through what I had missed last week.  Turns out I don’t feel like I missed much at all.  In fact my time has been way more productive this last week.  In fact it’s quite liberating and I have been thinking of all the things I can do, books I can read and talents I can work on in that time.  My house is cleaner and I have played with my kids so much more.  So I will deactivate tonight again and go cold turkey again. 

We had Stake Conference this weekend (a meeting with 14 of our local congregations where our church leaders speak to us and give us direction).  In our Saturday night session our Stake President asked every household in our stake to read 2 chapters in the Book of Mormon daily starting March 4th.  Boy oh boy are we going to have to be creative because often times we have a hard time reading 10 verses a night.  But we are going to do it, so if you have any great, creative ideas I would love to hear them!

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The Hatch Family said...

So neat to hear these thoughts. It's true. You don't miss much on FB. I bet you're building more memories, and savoring life better with this departure. Love your blog:)