Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Two interesting reads this morning.  This article is about how the youngest kids in their grade fair in school.  For me it validated our decision to have our son repeat kindergarten (read about that Here.)

Sarah from Clover Lane (I think my favorite blogger ever) today posted a letter to her children (read it HERE.  She boldly states her values and opinions on many moral issues.  I wanted to applaud after reading it!  I happen to agree with everything she said and think it was so courageous and bold of her to post it because you know she will get many disagreeable and possibly nasty comments. Sarah has 6 children and is Catholic and is such a wonderful woman.

What do you think?


Kathleen said...

I saw Sarah's post too. It was great! I'm off to read the other one you mentioned.

Sarah said...

The first article:
Although it hasn't been my experience (Eric and I both were October babies and started Kindergarten at 4 and didn't experience any problems, and I have two summer babies that haven't had any problems being the youngest) I think all kids are so very different and as parents we have to try and make the best decisions for them. I applaud you for standing up and doing what was best for your child.

The second article:
I agree with a lot, but given that I see the world in shades of grey, my letter to my kids would be different.

And I thought I was your favorite blogger! :)