Monday, May 9, 2011

More Women's Conference notes

Not only did I get to spend Women's Conference with my sisters by blood...I also got to spend time with two of my sisters by choice...these two are my lifelong best friends..both amazing women!

I went to a class on studying and using scriptures to help us in our daily lives and through our trials. It was taught by two amazing women, but not anyone that you would have heard of before. They are "ordinary" women (although after their class I don't believe they are ordinary) that have found the best way for them to use the scriptures.

A couple of key points I loved...The principal of "Read until" which is that you read in the scriptures UNTIL you get the message that God wants you to have that day. Those messages are there if we will pray beforehand and have our hearts open to God's revelation. This personal message to us may come from the words of the scriptures, or it may come as a thought or piece of inspiration. This means we must ponder and listen as well. These personal messages show forth God's love for us and reveal to us His will for us that day. For me to be able to do this I have to wake up before my kids...which means 5:30 or 6, because there is NO quiet time once they are up!

Another principal I loved is:

"No scriptures, no answers."

"Know scriptures, know answers."

I admit that scriptures study is something I have not been very consistent at in the past. (more on consistency tomorrow when I write about Elder Bednar's talk). Last year with my difficult pregnancy and baby being in the NICU I NEEDED the scriptures and it changed my life and I have been very consistent since then. I honestly know what it feels like to hunger and thirst after them. When I don't read and ponder I feel it in my life. I am less patient with my kids, I don't get as much done and I am not happy! I also keep a small journal with my scriptures and write down promptings. When we change our focus from God hearing us to us hearing Him...our lives will change.

One of these women has not missed a day of reading her scriptures in 27 years, since she was 14 years old! She and her family have been going through a very challenging trial the past couple of years. She says in the midst of the deepest part of the trial she has felt immense peace...and you could see it in her, she had sucha bright countenance (and she has NINE children!). She knows that is from her preparation from the time she was 14 in reading scriptures and getting answers. That was incredible to me, this class was a life changing one for me!


Wendi said...

Thanks for sharing what you learned. I really appreciate it. :)

Kerri said...

Oh Cheryl. Thank you so much for sharing. What wonderful insights! There truly isn't anything we will be called upon to go through that can't be managed with the peace that the word of God brings! Looking forward to more insights! Now, I'm off to 'read until' ... :)