Monday, June 6, 2011


I walked into a neighbor's home the other day. It was perfectly clean, perfectly silent and I reveled in that for about 10 seconds. But then I realized that there was something missing. There was no spirit about it, I looked around and realized there were no family photos on the wall, no artwork, the only thing on the wall was a clock. No children's artwork or achievements felt sterile. It was a house, but not a home.

I walked back into my home and absolutely loved the feeling there. It was chaos and messy. It had fingerprints on the door jams, it had crooked family photos, it had lego creations on the table waiting for me to see them. It had love and humor and a definite spirit about it. I LOVED being there and I would take mess over sterile any day of the week!

Yes my home needs to be clean, but I won't sacrifice my relationships or the feeling in my home for sterile!

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Laura@livingabigstory said...

What a beautiful post -- I'm not very good at balancing these two wishes in my heart.