Friday, June 3, 2011

Summertime Fun

I have been reading many blogs with fun ideas for the are a bunch of links of great ideas!

The Girls at eighteen25 this is a really fun blog with easy craft ideas...if I can do them they must be easy!

Families online magazine ideas for teens

Family Fun magazine online one of the few magazines I subscribe to. Such fun and simple ideas!

From my sis-in-law Heather:

-Make puppets (sock, paper bag, etc) and learn/rehearse a play. Pick their favorite story or something classic like Goldie Locks and the Three Bears. Then perform the play for Dave when he gets home from work.

-If you have a digital camera that the kids can use, send them on a picture scavenger hunt throughout the house. Have a list of things that they need to find and take a picture of that item. For the younger ones the list can be something like this: find something red, something yellow, something long, something tall, something yummy, etc. And for the older kids the list can be more challenging like: find something that reminds you of winter, something yellow & purple, something that stacks, something that moves fast.
Then look at everyone's pictures on the computer together.

-Have a read-a-thon. Make forts, wear pj's, bring out the blankets, pillows and treats.

I have a friend who has some activity planned every day of the week such as:

Monday=stay home and clean
Tuesday=library day
Wednesday=swim day
Friday=friend play dates

I think we will also do regular field trip days.

Another way to do it is to have a calendar and write something down every day on the calendar from a list generated by the kids/parents

I plan on teaching my kids some new skills this summer such as cooking, laundry and sewing

Here are a few other ideas we came up with:

Make homemade ice cream and have an ice cream party with friends
Snow cone and/or lemonade stand (I plan on buying one of those at home snow cone makers)
Discovery children's museum
Craft Day
Summer Book Club for kids(my friend Cherlynn gave this idea)
Summer reading goal (my older kids is to read 1000 pages this summer....big reward at the end if they reach it)
Free movies
Service projects
Make photo albums together
Springs Preserve
Mt Charleston hike
Natural History museum
Railroad museum
Lake Mead
Sew new blankets/pillowcases for them
Visit an old folks home and sing or bring them treats

Any other great ideas?? I am open to them!

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Danielle said...

I love your list!

I worry about one child whose brain would roll out her ear during the summer. I found a great website ( "summer learning." It's got great ways to keep up learning during the summer, but your kids won't even really know it. We're planning a lot of backyard science experiments like building a volcano, building a toothpick bridge that must hold five pounds, classifying rocks, etc.,.

I also like pen pals to keep up writing and penmanship, cooking for fractions, reading books and then making or doing something from the book, and summer journals. 4-H is really big here, with very inexpensive activities. We also have Field Trip Fridays where we go do or see something that we've learned about during the week. Sorry this is long, I've been working up our summer plan for the last few days. I can't wait to add in some of your great ideas.