Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Being a mother is enough....

One of my favorite blogs "Clover Lane" shared THIS blog post today. LOVE IT! Expresses so much of what I have wanted to say

The title of this post also comes from her blog. I wrote it down and put it on my fridge!

Okay so onto my commentary from the articles posted yesterday. Venessa made a comment that we cannot judge that first mother because we don't know all the circumstances. That is true, we do not. (I realize in many situations a working mother is necessary, I am not here to judge circumstances and I dont think that a working mother necessarily means priorities are in the wrong place nor do I think stay athome Moms hearts are always inthe right place....it's all about where our hearts are.)

However I have watched a trend happening among women recently. I have heard countless stories of women leaving their families because they fell in love with someone else they met online or in a bar or renewed an old flame on facebook, or they had to pursue this, that and the other.

I realize those are extreme examples,however I see it happening on a smaller scale too. I won't list examples because I am not here to condemn or offend. I am also not saying that we shouldn't better ourselves. There is nothing wrong with taking classes, having hobbies, going out with girlfriends etc.... We should be the best women we can be, which will in turn help us to be the best mothers and wives we can be.

The problem comes when those activities we choose for ourselves become a road block to the actual improvements. Satan really would like us to get so distracted and caught up in improving ourselves and having "me" time that we lose focus as to what is really important. Too much "me" time is dangerous.

Plus aren't we told in the scriptures that those who lose themselves for the Saviors sake shall find themselves?

Being a Mom and wife is HARD! It takes everything I have most days to survive! However in doing those hard things I have learned more about myself than I ever thought possible. I have discovered more of who I truly am through this motherhood journey than in any other pursuit I could find. I am helping to shape 5 human beings...seriously what could be more important or fulfilling than that?

My mother had 7 children....6 in 10 years (I came along 6 years after #6). My Mom is a strong woman. For as long as I can remember she has taken classes to improve her mind. Whether it was institute classes, computer classes, university classes etc... She also has always exercised to improve her body. She was very involved in serving in the church and community. She had her interests and hobbies. I would consider her influential and "self aware". However those never distracted her from her real and most important focus...her husband and children.

I am grateful for a 3 year old who doesn't let me get lost on the computer or in my book or even in cleaning and laundry. She will come grab my hand and PULL as hard as her 3 year old body will let her and say, "Mommy...come play BABIES (or a game or outside etc) with me!" I can't resist that face and that darling voice. No better feeling than being her favorite playmate!


Jen said...

That was part of my post that got eaten by the evil computer monster last night. Shaping human beings that will be the leaders of tomorrow is the MOST important thing I can do!
I agree, motherhood is difficult. I don't wake up every morning with a smile on my face, thrilled at the prospect of being spit up on, wiping rear ends, washing countless loads of laundry, and cleaning up never-ending messes. Who would? But I made the choice to have these kids. (Even if T was a surprise)
I don't think women should sacrifice ALL to cater to their families. They do need to take care of themselves. They need some "me" time. SOME. Not all. When we get up to Heaven I think we're going to be asked about our responsibilities to our family. I don't think we are going to be asked if we were Pulitzer prize winners, or well-known authors, or if we achieved fame or fortune while on earth. Those things merit the praise of man. Those aren't the things that matter most. We are sealed to our families! (not those other things!)

Rachael said...

Great post again and great comment Jen! I agree!

Laura@livingabigstory said...

Thanks for this post -- much for me to think about!