Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Random thoughts.....

(Neville, Luna Lovegood, Harry and Draco)

Monday I almost felt like one of those perfect "blogging Moms". You know the ones who throw tea parties or fairy parties for their kids spontaneously.....who decorate perfectly, who make gourmet food, who have perfect photos etc.... July 31st is Harry Potter's birthday so on August 1st we had a Harry Potter birthday party for my kidlets, however it was far from perfect, the kids made the decorations to hang up and came up with their own costumes (see the imperfect photo), the food was not gourmet but kid friendly...we had a great time and my kids had a ball and that is what counts I suppose!

Left my #1 son in UT to spend time with cousins.....missing him lots! Brought home a cousin who is #2's age to hang out and have fun with. They are having a great time in spite of my lack of desire to go anywhere or do anything. They go from playing Harry Potter to Superheroes to Star Wars without blinking an's hilarious. Right now they are watching the REALLY old, really cheesy BATMAN movie!

I admit that I am a homebody. After being gone for almost 2 weeks I just want to be home. Too bad that translates into bored children. It is to the point of the summer where we are feeling the boredom set in. The excitement of being home and having lots of time to ourselves has worn off, the anticipation of our long family vacation is over. The family fun jar (our savings for fun family things to do) is depleted by the vacation and Mom's creativy is a bit dried up. Give me a few days and hopefully it will be rejuvenated!

How do you beat the end of the summer blues/boredom?

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Sarah said...

After getting back from vacation I have no desire to leave the house! My kids keep asking me what we are going to do everyday, and I have no answers.

You totally still have your creativity. The Harry Potter b-day dinner was fantastic!